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The DHR Archives contains a trove of documentation about the state's historic resources such as the online items below, which include one of the 31 scrapbooks from the library of Ferol Briggs, as well as county-wide architectural survey reports.

As staff time allows for scanning of some of this material, DHR will post more survey reports and other documents online. Meanwhile, archives material is available to the public onsite at the DHR Archives in Richmond.

Ferol Briggs Scrapbooks:

Bookplate from Briggs'
"Exchange" scrapbook.

Ferol Briggs was a long-time librarian at the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture and the curator of the architecture school’s pictorial and slide collection at the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library. In the early 1970s, Mr. Briggs also worked as a field representative for the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission (predecessor agency to the Department of Historic Resources). In 1998-2000, working in concert with Suzanne Durham, then the archivist at DHR, Mr. Briggs collected over 50-years' worth of photographs, newspaper clippings, and brochures related to historic properties throughout the state into 31 scrapbooks that he then donated to DHR. Additionally, two scrapbooks related to Charlottesville and Albemarle County were donated to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society, and six Orange County scrapbooks were donated to the Orange County Historical Society. (Download an Excel file that shows locales of all Briggs Scrapbooks in DHR Special Collections.)

Volume 2 of the Briggs Scrapbooks (below) covers properties in Gloucester and Mathews counties. Bill Lawrence of the Gloucester Genealogical Society digitized the contents of that scrapbook and created the PDF versions linked below.

Scrapbook Title / Description Related Information
Photo The Ferol Briggs Scrapbook:
Gloucester & Mathews Cos

(Note: These are large PDF files.)

Scrapbook: Pages 0-50

Scrapbook: Pages 51-101

Scrapbook: Pages 102-139

Scrapbook: Pages 140-End

Briggs hand-written index to Vol. 2
State & National Register Sites:
Gloucester Co.

Mathews Co.

Fairfield Archaeological Site (Gloucester Co.)

Old Thomas James Store
(Mathews Co.)

Survey Reports:

The following reports were produced as a result of DHR-sponsored Cost Share survey projects, or through projects funded through grants provided to Certified Local Governments. Please note that most of these are large PDF files and may take some time to download.

Locality Title(s) / Description(s) Year
Amherst Co. Historic Resources Survey Report July 2010
Arlington Co.
An Architectural Survey Updaet in Arlington County,
Virginia Phase IV

Bedford Co.
Bedford County Farm Survey Report

Botetourt Co.
Architectural Survey of Botetourt County

Brunswick Co.
Brunswick County Courthouse Physical Assessment

A Survey Update of Architectural Resources Within the Rural Overlay District of the City of Chesapeake, Virginia (2013)

 Survey Report: African American Historic Resources (2010)

Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk,
Virginia Beach
The Kit House in Southeastern Virginia: Architectural Documentation of Sears, Roebuck and Co. 2006
Paxton Street Area

Fauquier Co.
Historic Context on Fauquier County's Dairy Farms

Fauquier County's Dairy Farms (Brochure)

Gloucester Co.
Country Stores and Rural Post Offices of Gloucester Co.

Hanover Co.
Late 18th Century and Early 19th Century Life at Rutland Hanover County, Virginia  (Brochure)

May 2008
Henry Co.
Survey Report

Architectural Survey of Mail-Order Kit Houses in the A Village, B Village, Mansion Hills, and Crescent Hills Neighborhoods of Hopewell, Virginia

Loudoun Co.
The Archeology of a Loudoun Ordinary (2012)

Executive Summary Report for Survey Update of Town of Middleburg Historic District (2000)
Mathews Co.
Mathews County Architectural Rconnaissance Survey Report

Historic Resources Identification and Assessment

An Architectural Survey . . . Summary Report


Archaeological Data Recovery Investigation of the Lumpkin's Slave Jail Site
(Vol. I: Reseach Report)

Unearthing the Devil's Half Acre: Archaeological Data...Lumpkin's Slave Jail Site
(Vol. II: Artifact Inventory)

Aug. 2010
Richmond Area Historic Context for Richmond Area Dairy Barns c. 1900-1955 June 2003
Russell Co. Comprehensive Survey Report: Survey of Architectural Resources in Russell County, Virginia

Slideshow: Russell County Architectural Survey:
Script for PowerPoint

Jan 2009

Southwest Virginia

Thematic Evaluation of County Public School Buildings in Southwest Virginia Oct. 2000
Spotsylvania Co. Historic Architectural Survey of . . .

Second Phase of an Architectural Survey of . .


Warren Co.
Claiming Rocky Ground: Documentation of  Stone Walls in the Proposed Gooney Manor Loop Road Rural Historic District

Jan. 2004
Wythe Co.
Comprehensive Survey Report: Survey of Architectural Resources in Wythe County, Virginia

Slideshow: Wythe County Survey:
Script for PowerPoint
PDF of slideshow

June 2013

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