How to Become Involved


Celebrate National Historic Preservation Week. Sponsored annually by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Preservation Week provides an important opportunity for communities to raise awareness about preservation on the local level. Each May Preservation Week encourages localities to renew, recognize, and restore their historic resources.

Take stock of your historic resources.  By knowing all of what it has, a locality can then make sound decisions about planning development. Through the cost share program, localities can partner with DHR to take stock of their historic resources. The department partially funds and fully administers the projects, relieving often over-burdened local planning officials. If localities cannot afford to participate in the matching-funding program, surveys of historic resources can be completed by university students, local historical societies, or volunteers.

Sponsor a historical highway marker.  Commemorate your community's history, important people, and key resources with a historical highway marker. More than 2,300 highway markers across Virginia bring history to the motoring public.

Commemorate your history in 2007. Take advantage of the 400th birthday of the Commonwealth to tell your community's story to national and international travelers and the world. To find out more, visit the 2007 Web site.

Start or join a heritage alliance or preservation consortium in your area. Communities across Virginia are putting their history to work in new ways. Fueled by the grassroots Community Awareness Campaign that encourages preservation at the local level, historic preservation organizations, heritage tourism sites, cultural organizations, planning officials, and private citizens are joining forces in working groups, consortia, and roundtables in which organizations with common goals are communicating better than ever before. To find out if there is an active consortium in your area, contact your nearest regional office. Regional office staff can also help you in creating new alliances in your area.

Celebrate Historic Garden Week. During the annual Historic Garden Week in Virginia, more than 250 of the state's most outstanding houses, gardens, and historic landmarks are open for tours. Historic Garden Week, held during the last full week in April, is the oldest and largest event of its kind in the nation. So join in the festivities and take advantage of a tour near you.

How to Become Involved       


Volunteers/Museums/Historic Sites

Bedford residents celebrate their heritage at an annual festival.

Norfolk's Ghent Historic District was built along Smith's Creek from 1890 to 1905.

These men celebrate the dedication of a historical highway marker in Fauquier County.

Gloucester County attracts visitors through a country store driving tour.

Residents relax on Main Street in Clifton Forge. Credit: Virginia Main Street