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All archaeological publications listed below are $5 for one or 3 for $12, 4 for $16, 5 for $20, etc.

Research Report Series

No. 1: Colonial Plantation Hoes of Tidewater Virginia  (1980)
No. 2: Archaeological Test Excavations of Site 44RU7 at a Late Woodland Village in Lower Uplands of Southwest Virginia (1981)
No. 3: Ceramic Study of Woodland Occupation Along the Clinch and Powell Rivers in Southwest Virginia (1987)
No. 4: Archaeological Investigations of Sites 44JC70 and 44JC71 at Croaker Landing (1988, out of print)
No. 5: Native American Sites in a Fall Line Transition Study Area (1989)
No. 6: Blacksmith Shops in Catawba, Virginia: Archeological and Historical Investigation (1994, out of print)
No. 7: Archaeological Assessment of Sites 44PY7, 44PY43, 44PY152 at Leesville Lake, Pittsylvania County (1996)
No. 8: Archaeological Investigations of Site 44SX202, Cactus Hill, Sussex County, Virginia (1997, out of print)
No. 9: Native American Settlement at Great Neck: Report on VDHR Archaeological Investigations of Woodland Components at Site 44VB7, Virginia Beach, Virginia (1998)
No. 10: The Potomac Creek Site (44ST2) Revisited (1999)
No: 11: The Life of a Potter, Andrew Pittman (44FK528), (2001; out of print)
No. 12: Early Horticultural Settlement in the James River Piedmont:  Excavations at the Partridge Creek Site (44AH193), Stapleton, Virginia, (2003)
No. 13: The Williamson Clovis Site, 44DW1, Dinwiddie County, Virginia:  An Analysis of Research Potential in Threatened Areas (2003)
No. 14: Emergency Excavations at the Sawyer Site (44RN39), Area B:  A Protohistoric Site in Roanoke County, Virginia (2004)
No. 15: The Buzzard Rock Site (44RN2): A Late Woodland Dispersed Village (2005)
No. 16: The Bonham Site (44SM7): A Late Woodland Village Complex in Smyth County, Virginia (2005)
No. 17: The Werowocomoco (44GL32) Research Project: Background and 2003 Archaeological Field Season Results (2007)
No 18: Archaeological Investigation of the Remains of Two Early 18th-Century Vessels in the Mattaponi River at Newington Plantation, King and Queen County, Virginia (2013; available only as a PDF)

Technical Updates

No, 1: Investigations at the Gravel Pit Site44SX14 (1989)
No. 2: The Cullers Site-44PA128 (1989)
No. 3: The Fincastle Pottery-44BO304: Salvage Excavations at a 19th-Century Earthenware Kiln Located in Botetourt County Virginia (1990)
No. 4: Archaeological Investigations of Site 44NH8 at the Church Neck Wells Site, Northampton County (1997)
No. 5: Archaeological Salvage Excavations at Site 44GL320: A Middle Woodland/Early Colonial Site in Gloucester County, Virginia (1999, out of print)
No. 6: Portsmouth Shipwreck (44PM52) (2006)

Survey and Planning Report Series

No. 1: Archaeological Survey in Virginia:  Toward Preservation Planning (1988; out of print)
No. 2: An Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey of Craig County, Virginia (1991)
No. 3: An Assessment of Virginia's Underwater Cultural Resources (1994)
No. 4: Archeological Investigations of Site 44CF7, Falling Creek Ironworks and Vicinity, Chesterfield County Virginia (1995)
No. 5: Archaeological Investigations at Site 44CF102:  Osbornes Town Site, Chesterfield County, Virginia (1997)
No. 6: Archaeological Survey of the Chesapeake Bay Shorelines Associated with Accomack County and Northampton County, Virginia (2001)
No. 7: Archaeological Survey of the Atlantic Coast Shorelines Associated with Accomack County and Northampton County, Virginia (2003)

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