Regional Preservation Offices

Location of Regional Offices

  • See this map of Virginia showing DHR's regional office coverage by counties.
  • To contact a DHR archaeologist for your county, see this map showing the counties covered by each of DHR's regional archaeologists. 

Beginning in early 2015, DHR re-organized its regional offices, closing the former Tidewater office and folding that region into a new Eastern Region Preservation Office. This change has also entailed re-defining the boundaries of our two other remaining field offices, the Northern Region Preservation Office (based in Stephens City) and the Western Region Preservation Office (at Roanoke College, Salem). The map shows the reconfigured regions.

Regional offices are the first point of contact in Virginia for anyone seeking to nominate properties to the state and national registers, carry out local architectural or archaeological surveys, put historic resources to work in local comprehensive plans, promote the benefits of historic preservation, teach with historic places, study threatened archaeological sites, or develop and maintain sound local preservation programs.

Each office offers technical information and guidance on the full range of DHR’s statewide programs; on the location and significance of historic, architectural, and archaeological resources in its region; and on incentives for good stewardship of historic buildings and sites.

For more information, contact the regional office nearest you.

Eastern Region Preservation Office
(serving Central, Southside, Tidewater and the Eastern Shore)
2801 Kensington Avenue
Richmond, VA 23221
Map & Directions
Phone: (804) 482-6099
Fax: (804) 367-2391
Contact: Marc Wagner

Western Region Preservation Office
serving Southwest Virginia and the Lower Piedmont)
962 Kime Lane
Salem, VA 24153
Map & Directions
Phone: (540) 387-5443
Fax: (540) 387-5446
Contact: Michael Pulice

Northern Region Preservation Office
(serving the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia)
P.O. Box 519
5357 Main Street
Stephens City, VA 22655
Map & Directions
Phone: (540) 868-7029.
Fax: (540) 868-7033
Contact: David Edwards, Director, DHR Regional Offices.

DHR Headquarters in Richmond

Updated: 6.12.15