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City of Alexandria (Northern Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Alexandria City Hall and Market House 100-0126 Go    
Alexandria Historic District  100-0121 (1969 NRHP) Go Go 1966 NHL;
1984 NR Addendum
Alexandria National Cemetery 100-0138 Go    
Alexandria Union Station 100-0124 Go Go  
Alfred Street Baptist Church 100-5015-0001 Go    
Bank of Alexandria 100-0004  Go
Bayne-Fowle House 100-0006 Go    
Beulah Baptist Church 100-5015-0002 Go    
Bruins Slave Jail 100-0047 Go    
Carlyle House 100-0010 Go    
Christ Church  100-0012 Go    
Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery 100-1021-1085 Go    
Dr. Albert Johnson House  100-5015-0003  Go    
Fairfax-Moore House 100-0022 Go    
Fort Ward 100-0113 Go    
Franklin and Armfield Office 100-0105 Go    
Gadsby's Tavern 100-0029 Go   (March 2011 Slideshow)
1975 NHL
George Lewis Seaton House 100-5015-0007  Go    
Gerald R. Ford Jr.'s House 100-0165 Go    
Goodman, Charles M., House 100-5265 Go    
Jones Point Lighthouse, D.C. Cornerstone 100-0116 Go    
Lee-Fendall House 100-0024 Go    
Lloyd House 100-0090 Go    
Lyceum 100-0091 Go    
Moses Hepburn Rowhouses 100-5015-0004 Go    
Old Dominion Bank/Athenaeum 100-0002 Go    
Odd Fellows Hall  100-5015-0005 Go    
Old Presbyterian Meeting House 100-0098 Go    
Orange & Alexandria RR Hooff's Run Bridge 100-0149 Go    
Parkfairfax Historic District  100-0151 Go Go  
Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary 100-0123 Go    
Roberts United Methodist Church 100-5015-0006 Go    
Robert E. Lee Boyhood Home 100-0082 Go    
Rosemont Historic District  100-0137 Go Go  
Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary 100-0106 Go    
St. Paul's Episcopal Church 100-0104 Go
Town of Potomac (Del Ray) Historic District 100-0136 Go Go  
Union Station 100-0124 Go Go  
Uptown/Parker-Grey Historic District 100-0133 Go Go  
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