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City of Lynchburg (Capital Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Academy of Music  118-0001 Go    
Allied Arts Building  118-0110 Go    
Armstrong School 118-5320 Go    
Aviary, Miller Park  118-0155 Go    
Bragassa's Toy Store  118-0176 Go    
Centerview  118-5062 Go    
Courthouse Hill/Downtown Historic District  118-5163 (2001) Go Go 2002 Boundary Increase
Court Street Baptist Church  118-0156 Go    
Daniel's Hill Historic District   118-0198 Go    
Diamond Hill Baptist Church 118-0060-0057 Go    
Diamond Hill Historic District   118-0060 Go Go  
Doyle Florist Inc. / H.R. Schenkel Inc. Greenhouse Range 118-5294 Go    
Federal Hill Historic District   118-0056 Go Go  
Fifth (5th) Sreet Historic District 118-5318 Go Go  
First Baptist Church  118-0025 Go    
Fort Early & Jubal Early Monument Go    
Garland Hill Historic District   118-0026 Go Go  
Glass, Carter House  118-0006 Go    
James River/Kanawha Canal Sites  118-0209 Go    
Johnson, Dr. House & Tennis Courts  118-0225-0077 Go    
Jones Memorial Library  118-0153 Go    
Kemper Street Industrial Historic District 118-5292 Go Go  
Kentucky Hotel  118-0177 Go    
Locust Grove  118-0219 Go    
Lower Basin Historic District   118-0211 (1987) Go Go 2002 Boundary Increase
2008 Amendment
Lynch's Brickyard House  118-0226-0178 Go    
Lynchburg Courthouse  118-0002 Go    
Lynchburg Hospital  118-5160 Go    
Miller-Claytor House  118-0012 Go    
Miller, Samuel House  118-0223 Go    
Montview  118-0210 Go    
Old City Cemetery  118-0027 Go    
Phaup, William House  118-0226-0246 Go    
Pierce Street Historic District 118-5238 Go    
Point of Honor  118-0014 Go    
Presbyterian Orphans Home  118-5240 Go    
Pyramid Motors  118-5237 Go    
Quaker Meeting House  118-0015 Go    
Randolph-Macon Women's College  118-0149 Go    
Rivermont  118-0203 Go    
Rivermont Historic District   118-0334 Go Go 2013 Boundary Increase (Photos)
Rosedale   118-0201 Go    
Sandusky  118-0017 Go    
Spencer, Anne House  118-0061 Go    
St. Paul's Church  118-0196 Go    
St. Paul's Vestry House  118-0078 Go    
Virginia Episcopal School (VES)  118-0224 Go    
Virginia University Lynchburg 118-5297 Go    
Warwick, John Marshall House  118-0019 Go    
Western Hotel  118-0020 Go    
Wood, J.W. Building  118-0009 Go    
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