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City of Petersburg (Eastern Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Appomattox Iron Works  123-0087 Go    
Atl. Coast Ln. RR Comm. & Indus. HD 123-5424 Go Go  
Battersea 123-0059 (1969) Go   2006 Updated Nomination
Blandford Cemetery  123-0110 Go    
Blandford Church  123-0039 Go    
Bolling, Anna P. School  123-0117 Go    
Centre Hill  123-0057 Go    
Centre Hill Historic District  123-0025 Go Go  
City Market  123-0050 Go    
Cohen House  123-0115 Go    
Commerce Street Industrial Hist. District  123-5420 Go Go  
Exchange Building  123-0051 Go    
Farmer's Bank  123-0067 Go    
Folly Castle Historic District 123-0096 (1980) Go Go 1992 Extension
2000 Boundary Increase
Friend, Nathaniel House  123-0066 Go    
Lee Memorial Park  123-0083 Go    
McIlwaine House  123-0011 Go    
McKenney-Dunlop-Totty House  123-0102 Go    
North Battersea/Pride's Field H.D. 123-5035 Go Go  
Peabody Building,Peabody Williams School 123-5019 Go    
People's Memorial Cemetery  123-5031-0001 Go    
Petersburg City Hall  123-0035 Go    
Petersburg Court House  123-0045 Go    
Petersburg Courthouse Historic District 123-0103 Go Go  
Petersburg Old Town Historic District 123-0097  (1979) Go Go 2008 Boundary Increase
2012 Boundary Increase
Petersburg Trailways Bus Station 123-5493 Go    
Pocahontas Island Historic District 123-0114 Go Go  
Poplar Lawn Historic District 123-0094  (1980) Go Go 2005 Boundary Increase
St. Paul's Episcopal Church  123-0041 Go    
Second Presbyterian Church  123-0042 Go    
South Chappell Street Car Barn  123-5421 Go    
South Market Street Historic District 123-0108 Go Go  
Stewart-Hinton House  123-0055 Go    
Strawberry Hill  123-0086 Go    
Sutherand House 123-0006 Go    
Tabb Street Presbyterian Church  123-0043 Go    
Virginia Trunk & Bag Company 123-5423 Go    
Wallace, Thomas House  123-0031 Go    
Washington Street Methodist Church  123-0044 Go    
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