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Roanoke (City) (Western Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Belle Aire  128-0052 Go    
Belmont Methodist-Episcopal Church 128-6271 Go    
Boxley Building  128-0047 Go    
Boxley-Sprinkle House  128-5978 Go    
Buena Vista  128-0001 Go    
Burrell Memorial Hospital   128-5863 Go    
Campbell Ave Complex Historic District 128-0206 Go Go  
Carlin's Amoco Station 128-6389 Go    
Coffee Pot  128-0050 Go    
Colonial National Bank  128-0044 Go    
Crystal Spring Steam Pumping Station  128-0039 Go    
Fire Station No. One  128-0033 Go    
Firehouse No. Six  128-0051 Go    
First National Bank  128-0040 Go    
Gainsboro Historic District  128-5762 Go Go  
Gainsboro Library  128-0256 Go
Grandin Road Commercial Historic District 128-5785 Go Go Addendum (Jan. 2014)
Harrison School  128-0043 Go    
Henry Street Historic District  128-5764 Go Go  
Historic Gas Stations of Roanoke MPD 128-6361 Go    
H.L. Lawson & Son Warehouse  128-5191-0006 Go    
Hotel Roanoke  128-0025 Go    
Huntingdon  128-0005 Go    
Lone Oaks (Benjamin Deyerle Place)  128-0010 Go    
Melrose-Rugby Historic District 128-6261 Go Go  
Monterey  128-0035 Go    
Mount Moriah Baptist Church & Cemetery  128-0234 Go    
Mountain View  128-0022 Go    
N&W Railroad Historic District 128-5432 Go Go  
Norfolk & Western Railway Freight Station 128-6162 Go    
Patrick Henry Hotel  128-0235 Go    
Riverland Historic District 128-5476 Go Go  
Roanoke Apartments (Terrace Apartments) 128-6066 Go    
Roanoke City Market Historic District 128-0045 (1983) Go Go 2002 Boundary Increase
Roanoke Downtown Historic District 128-5761 Go Go 2006 Boundary Increase
2013 Boundary Increase
Roanoke River & Railroad Historic District 128-6393 Go Go  
Roanoke Star  128-0352 Go    
Roanoke Warehouse Historic District 128-0046 Go Go
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church  128-0030 Go    
St. John's Episcopal Church  128-0236 Go    
Salem Avenue/Roanoke Automotive HD  128-6065 (2007) Go Go 2007 Amendment
2008 Boundary Increase
2013 Boundary Increase
2014 Map
Southwest Historic District 128-0049 Go Go  
Tayloe Rogers House 128-6362 Go    
Virginia Can Company 128-5455 Go    
Virginia Railway Passenger Station  128-5461 Go    
Wasena Historic District 128-6269 Go Go  
Windsor Avenue Apartments 128-6164 Go    
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