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City of Staunton (Northern Region (includes Shenandoah Valley))

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Augusta County Courthouse  132-0001 Go    
Beverley Historic District 132-0024 Go Go  
Breezy Hill  132-0030 Go    
Booker T. Washington High School 132-5011 Go    
Catlett House  132-0032 Go    
Cobble Hill   132-5013 Go    
Gospel Hill Historic District  132-0035 Go Go  
Hilltop, Mary Baldwin College  132-0002 Go
Hoge, Arista House  132-0014 Go    
Kable House  132-0022 Go    
Mary Baldwin College: Main Building  132-0016 Go    
Merrillat, J.M.C. House  132-0028 Go    
Michie, Thomas J. House  132-0033 Go    
Miller, C.W. House  132-0018 Go    
National Valley Bank  132-0023 Go
Newtown Historic District 132-0034 Go Go  
Oakdene  132-0027 Go    
Oaks  132-0021 Go    
Old Main/Stuart Hall School  132-0011 Go    
Robert E. Lee High School 132-0037 Go    
Rose Terrace  132-0017 Go    
Sears House  132-0013 Go    
Staunton National Cemetery  132-0019 Go    
Steephill  132-0031 Go    
Stuart Addition Historic District 132-0036 Go Go  
Stuart House  132-0006 Go    
Trinity Episcopal Church  132-0007 Go    
Virginia School for the Deaf & Blind 132-0008 Go    
Waverley Hill  132-0029 Go    
Western State Hospital 132-0009 Go Go WSHospital nomination - 1969;
WSH revised nomination - 1987;
WSH Boundary Increase - 2006;
WSH Boundary Increase II - 2007;
WSH Boundary Increase 2009 (Dairy Barn)
Wharf Area Historic District 132-0014 Go Go 1972-1982 Nomination
Wilson, Woodrow Birthplace  132-0004 Go    
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