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Hanover County (Capital Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Ashland Historic District   166-0001 Go Go
Ashland UDC Jefferson Davis Highway Marker 042-5509 Go
Beaverdam C&O Depot  042-0081 Go
Cedar Creek Meetinghouse Archaeological Site 042-0121      
Church Quarter  042-0006 Go    
Clover Lea  042-0047 Go    
Cold Harbor National Cemetery  042-0136 Go    
Cool Well  042-0248 Go    
Dewberry  042-0007 Go
Fork Church  042-0012 Go    
Hanover Courthouse  042-0016 Go    
Hanover Courthouse Historic District   042-0086 Go Go  
Hanover Meeting House Site  042-0480 Go    
Hanover Town Archaeological Site 042-0097      
Hanover Wayside  042-0286 Go    
Hickory Hill  042-0100 Go    
Immanuel Episcopal Church  042-0125 Go    
Laurel Meadow  042-0244 Go    
Marlbourne  042-0020 Go    
Montpelier Historic District   042-5016 Go Go  
Newcastle Town Site 042-0101      
Oak Forest  042-0055 Go    
Oakland  042-0024 Go    
Oakley Hill  042-0137 Go    
Patrick Henry Birthplace Archaeological Site 042-0114
Pine Slash  042-0025 Go    
Randolph-Macon College Complex  166-0002 Go Go  
Rural Plains  042-0029 Go    
Scotchtown (Patrick Henry Home)  042-0030 Go    
Selwyn  042-0120 Go    
Sharp's Oakland  042-0461 Go    
Slash Church  042-0033 Go    
Spring Green  042-0031 Go    
Springfield  042-0428 Go    
St. Paul's Episcopal Church  042-0087 Go    
Sycamore Tavern  042-0085 Go    
Totomoi 042-0036 Go Go 2012 Update
Trinity Church  042-0038 Go    
Williamsville  042-0027 Go    
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