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Quarterly Joint Board Meeting

2015 Schedule

Thursday, March 19
Thursday, June 18
Thursday, September 17
Thursday, December 10

This page covers recent or forthcoming activities of DHR's two boards, the Board of Historic Resources and the State Review Board.

These two boards meet quarterly to consider new nominations to list historic sites on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places; new and replacement highway historical markers, and new preservation easements.

Prior to each meeting, DHR posts the forthcoming nominatons or as well as preliminary information about those sites under early consideration for pursuing formal register nomination (see below, Preliminary Evaluation Forms or PIFs). 

The next meeting of DHR's two boards will occur December 10.

At the September quarterly meeting of DHR's two boards, the boards considered adding historic sites to the Virginia Landmarks Register and recommend forwarding the same to the Keeper of the National Register of HIstoric Places. They include the properties shown here. Clockwise from top right: First Baptist Church, in Bristol; Stoke, Loudoun Co.; Virginia Metalcrafters, Waynesboro; a house that contributes to the Rockland Rural Historic District, in Warren, Co.

Board Meeting: Agenda (Completed agenda to come)

Note: In order to read and print joint board minutes, nomination forms, or Preliminary Information Forms, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer (free software). Download Acrobat Reader now.

The nominations and PIFs below are for the September 2015 quarterly meeting of the two boards.


Eastern Region
Rock Cliff, Nelson County, 062-0438 Photos Map
Walter Reed Birthplace 2015 Update and Boundary Increase, Gloucester County, 036-0080 Photos Map
Wicker Apartments Historic District, City of Richmond,
Photos Map
Northern Region
Locust Grove, Page County, 069-0145 Photos Map
Rockland Rural Historic District, Warren County, 093-5058 Photos Map
Shiloh Baptist Church (Old Site), City of Fredericksburg, 111-0096 Photos Map
Stoke, Loudoun County, 053-0123, Photos Map
Virginia Metalcrafters, City of Waynesboro, 136-5090  Photos Map
Winchester Historic District 2015 Boundary Increase, City of Winchester, 138-0042 Photos Map
Western Region
First Baptist Church, City of Bristol, 102-0015 Photos Map
Smyth County Community Hospital, Smyth County,
Photos Map

Items for Discussion:

No items planned.    

Preliminary Information Forms

Western Region
Alphin Stone House, Botetourt County, 011-0138 Photos Map
Boones Mill Depot, Town of Boones Mill, Franklin County, 011-0138 Photos Map
Lynchburg Hosiery Mill, City of Lynchburg, 118-0126 Photos Map
Riverside Farm, Nelson County, 062-0096 Photos Map
Tacrea House, Halifax County, 041-0258 Photos Map
Warminster Rural Historic District, Nelson County,
Photos Map
Northern Region
Brown Farm, Loudoun County, 053-0342 Photos Map
Indian Trace, Madison County, 056-0009 Photos Map
Oakham, Loudoun County, 053-0091 Photos Map
 Eastern Region
Arvonia Primary School, Buckingham County, 014-0151 Photos Map
Belvidere, Goochland County, 037-0086 Photos Map
Charlotte Central High School, Town of Charlotte Court House, Charlotte County, 185-5001 Photos Map
Morton Hall, Town of Keysville, Charlotte County, 248-5002 Photos Map
Queen Street Baptist Church, City of Hampton, 114-5141 Photos Map
Talbot Hall, City of Norfolk, 122-0030 Photos
Tavern at Old Church, Hanover County, 042-0041 Photos Map
Whichello, Henrico County, 043-0017 Photos Map

Recent Board Meetings

Minutes of Joint Board Meetings:
The Virginia Board of Historic Resources and the Virginia State Review Board meet quarterly to consider nominations to the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places, approve text for new and replacement Historical Highway Markers, and accept donation of historic preservation easements. Learn more about the Boards and see a list of Board Members.

Read the official minutes of the October 30, 2014, training workshop for DHR board members.
Read the official minutes of the December 11, 2014 quarterly meeting.
Read the official minutes of the March 19, 2015 quarterly meeting.
Read the official minutes of the June 18, 2015 quarterly meeting.
Read the draft minutes of the Sept. 17, 2015 quarterly meeting.

Nomination Archives. Register nominations can be accessed by using the County and City Listings link below. If you would like to see a past Board meeting agenda, then please contact the register or archives staff at 804-367-2323.

County & City Files
Archived nomination files: County and City Listings--Nomination Forms for Properties

Updated: 9.30.2015