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2014 Schedule
Quarterly Joint Board Meetings

Meetings are on Thursday,
March 20
 June 19
September 18
December 11 

This page covers recent or forthcoming activities of the two boards of the Department of Historic Resources: the Board of Historic Resources and the State Review Board. The two boards meet quarterly to consider new site nominations for listing in the Virginia Landmarks Register, new historical highway markers, and new historic  preservation easements. The SRB also votes on forwarding each nomination to the National Park Service for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Prior to each quarterly meeting, DHR posts information about new historic site nominations or those sites under early consideration for pursuing formal nomination (see below, Preliminary Evaluation Forms or PIFs). 

Photo Photo
Photo Photo
At the March 20 quarterly meeting of DHR's two boards, the boards considered and approved a range of historic sites and building types, including the ones shown here, for inclusion in the state and national registers: Clockwise from top right: Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach; Millbank, Frederick Co.; a church on Tangier Island, a part of the Tangier Island Historic District that is being nominated, Accomack Co.; Lackawanna, in Front Royal (Warren Co.)

The most recent quarterly meeting of the Board of Historic Resources and State Review Board convened March 20, 2014, at the Halsey Lecture Hall, Virginia Historical Society, 428 N. Boulevard, Richmond. See schedule above for next meeting.

Board Meeting: DRAFT Agenda (PDF).

Note: In order to read and print joint board minutes, nomination forms, or Preliminary Information Forms, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer (free software). Download Acrobat Reader now.


Capital Region
Hermitage Road Warehouse Historic District, Richmond 127-6730 Photos Map
Northern Region
Carters Run Rural Historic District, Fauquier Co. 030-5603 Photos Map
Lackawanna, Town of Front Royal, Warren Co. 112-5351 Photos Map
Melrose Caverns & Harrison Farmstead, Rockingham Co. 082-0117    
Millbank, Frederick Co. 034-0005 Photos Map
Plains Mill, Town of Timberville, Rockingham Co. 082-5403 Photos Map
The Plains Historic District, Fauquier Co. 311-5001 Photos Map
Tidewater Region
Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach 134-0503 Photos Map
Point Lookout Archaeological Site, Gloucester Co. 036-0064    
Tangier Island Historic District, Accomack Co. 309-0001 Photos Map
Western Region
Mechanicsville Historic District, Danville 108-5607 Photos Map
Salem Avenue/Roanoke Automotive Commercial Historic District 2014 Boundary Increase, Roanoke (City) 128-6065 Photos Map

Items for Discussion:

No items planned.    

Preliminary Information Forms

Capital Region
J.E.B. Stuart Monument, Henrico Co. 043-0198 Photos Map
Northern Region
Ashburn Historic District, Loudoun Co. 053-0013 Photos Map
Camp Mont Shenandoah, Bath Co. 008-5048 Photos Map
Site Map
Centreville Confederate Military Railroad Site, Fairfax Co. 029-5012 Photos Map
2011 Aerial
Clowser House, Frederick Co. 034-1531 Photos Map
Drover's Rest, Fairfax Co. 029-0012 Photos Map
Gramercy Farm, Bath Co. 008-0041 Photos Map
Rochester Ropes,Town of Culpeper, Culpeper Co. 204-5054 Photos Map
Silas Burke House, Fairfax Co. 029-0171 Photos Map
Stokesville Train Depot, Augusta Co. 007-0240 Photos Map
Tidewater Region
No PIFs to present    
Western Region
Chatham Southern Railway Depot, Pittsylvania Co. 187-0009 Photos Map
Huddle Farm, Wythe Co. 098-5474 Photos Map

Recent Board Meetings

Minutes of Joint Board Meetings:
The Virginia Board of Historic Resources and the Virginia State Review Board meet quarterly to consider nominations to the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places, approve text for new and replacement Historical Highway Markers, and accept donation of historic preservation easements. Learn more about the Boards and see a list of Board Members.

Read the official minutes of the June 19, 2013 quarterly meeting.
Read the official minutes of the September 19, 2013 quarterly meeting.
Read the official minutes of the December 12, 2013 quarterly meeting.
Read the draft minutes of the March 20, 2014 quarterly meeting.

Nomination Archives. Register nominations can be accessed by using the County and City Listings link below. If you would like to see a past Board meeting agenda, then please contact the register or archives staff at 804-367-2323.

County & City Files
Archived nomination files: County and City Listings--Nomination Forms for Properties

Updated: 4.3.2014