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Rehabilitation Tax Credits


To ensure that your historic rehabilitation is eligible for state income tax credits, you need to complete the three-step certification process. An application checklist is provided to guide you in submitting your application. The first step is to print and fill in the Part 1 Application (see below) and send it to the address provided, together with the other materials noted on the checklist. If you are planning to apply for the federal credit as well as the state credit, note that your application should include two copies of the federal form, which can be obtained on the National Park Service website.

The department's tax-credit staff will contact you about moving forward. Note: Parts 2 and 3 require a processing fee; use the Billing Statement form to determine the fee for your application. Due to increasing cost in processing the applications.

In order to read and print the following forms, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer (free software). Download Acrobat Reader now. For your convenience, the application forms are also provided as Microsoft Word files, which enables you to enter data via your computer.

Virginia Tax Credit Application
Part I  "Evaluation of Significance" PDF Word Doc
Part II "Description of Rehabilitation" PDF Word Doc
Part III "Request for Certification of Completed Work" PDF Word Doc

Other Important Documents for Virginia Tax Credit Application & Projects
Virginia Tax Credit Application Checklist
Virginia Tax Credit Application Billing Statement
Sample Virginia Rehabilitation Proposal
Final Virginia Regulations
Federal Tax Credit Application Forms

Updated: 6.3.14