The estate of Eyreville, located on the Eastern Shore county of Northampton, sits on a flat neck of land that extends into Cherrystone Inlet, which opens onto the Chesapeake Bay. […]

Millers Tavern Rural Historic District

The Millers Tavern Rural Historic District covers 3,619 acres on the western end of Essex County, with a small portion of the district extending into King and Queen County.  The […]

Ben Venue Rural Historic District

Running along Ben Venue Road (Route 729) between the late-18th century villages of Gaines Crossroads and Flint Hill, the Ben Venue Rural Historic District in Rappahannock County features farmsteads and […]

Dancing Point

Dancing Point in Charles City County is important for the landscape and architectural design work commissioned and executed there between 1970 and 1976 for the property’s then owners, Eugene B. […]

Rockland Rural Historic District

The Rockland Rural Historic District abuts and encompasses portions of the Shenandoah River. The district was part of the extensive colonial-era land holdings of Thomas Lord Fairfax.  These lands were […]

Point Lookout Archaeological Site

Point Lookout Archaeological Site is a rural Euro-American domestic site that dates to the period 1642-1859. It is located on Robins Neck in Gloucester County. The property’s primary archaeological resource […]

Carters Run Rural Historic District

The Carters Run Rural Historic District in Fauquier County covers about 4,400 acres of scenic landscape containing estates, farm- and tenant houses, barns, silos, and other agricultural buildings, such as […]

Wilkins Farm

Wilkins Farm is a late-18th-century farmstead of German immigrant origin in Shenandoah County. It was owned and developed by three different but close-knit German families. The main residence is an […]

Collins Ferry Historic District

The Collins Ferry Historic District arose on the Staunton River in Halifax County beginning in the early 1800s when William Collins established a ferry, mill, and tavern, during an era […]

Lovettsville Historic District

The Lovettsville Historic District in Loudoun County includes the town’s core and several settlement-era cemeteries and a church on its perimeter. Settled by German immigrants in the late 1700s, the […]