Quantico Marine Corps Base Historic District

Quantico Marine Corps Base includes 239 buildings, sites, and objects that contribute to the architectural and historical significance of this important military facility, which encompasses portions of Prince William and […]

Buffalo Springs Historical Archeological District

The Buffalo Springs Historical Archaeological District preserves the remains of a rare Southside springs resort in Mecklenburg County, known alternatively as Buffalo Lithia Springs or Buffalo Mineral Springs. While such […]

Dr. Virgil Cox House

Located at 406 West Stuart Drive, the Dr. Virgil Cox House is one of a handful of large houses built overlooking downtown Galax during the first dozen years of the […]

Grace Hospital

Grace Hospital was founded at a time of dramatic expansion of hospital-based medical care. It was part of a unique system of small, privately operated hospitals constructed early in the […]

Mountain Hall

Mountain Hall was the home of physician and statesman Dr. James Jones (1772-1848), a leading Southside Virginian of his generation. He served in the Virginia militia as surgeon general during […]

The Oaks

The Oaks, the seat of the Richardson/Bowles family for nearly 200 years, features a substantial brick house begun about 1800 and finished in 1830. It has fine vernacular woodwork that […]

Laburnum Park Historic District

Laburnum Park Historic District is an early-20th-century suburb in Richmond’s Northside. Its major east-west streets feature grass medians with rows of trees. Along these streets are houses in many of […]


Built for the Irvine family in 1871, Centerview is a substantial late-Greek Revival brick dwelling in Lynchburg that retains many of its original features. The site contains a large brick […]

Washington Aqueduct

Construction of the Washington Aqueduct water supply system for Washington, D.C. began in 1853 by the Army Corps of Engineers. Designed by Capt. Montgomery C. Meigs, the system consisted of […]