Central State Hospital Chapel

The Chapel was built in 1904 as part of the Central State Hospital, which opened in 1885 in Dinwiddie County as a segregated facility for mentally ill African Americans. The […]

Wythe County Poorhouse Farm

The Wythe County Poorhouse Farm is the only surviving facility of its type in Wythe County. The nine-acre parcel contains the heart of Wythe County’s second poor farm, which operated […]

Lynchburg Hospital

Lynchburg Hospital was built in 1911 as the first publicly funded and operated hospital in the city. It was established primarily to meet the health care needs of citizens who […]

Home Tract

Home Tract, also known as Woodville, has stood at the center of the Albemarle County community of Ivy since the early 19th century. The two-story, brick-and-frame house with late Georgian […]

Quantico Marine Corps Base Historic District

Quantico Marine Corps Base includes 239 buildings, sites, and objects that contribute to the architectural and historical significance of this important military facility, which encompasses portions of Prince William and […]

Buffalo Springs Historical Archeological District

The Buffalo Springs Historical Archaeological District preserves the remains of a rare Southside springs resort in Mecklenburg County, known alternatively as Buffalo Lithia Springs or Buffalo Mineral Springs. While such […]

Dr. Virgil Cox House

Located on West Stuart Drive in Galax, the Dr. Virgil Cox House is one of a handful of large houses built overlooking its downtown district during the first dozen years […]

Grace Hospital

Grace Hospital was founded at a time of dramatic expansion of hospital-based medical care. It was part of a unique system of small, privately operated hospitals constructed early in the […]

Smith’s Pharmacy

Smith’s Pharmacy was opened by Dr. Charles C. Smith in 1946 as the first African American–owned pharmacy in the city of Newport News. Smith was a very influential member of […]