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Dominion Hills, Arlington Co.

Dominion Hills is important as a planned mid-20th-century residential neighborhood. It consists exclusively of two-story Colonial Revival-style houses constructed between 1945 and 1948. Initially platted in 1942 by two independent builders, the subdivision did not take shape until shortly before the end of World War II due to a shortage of necessary building materials and supplies created by the war.
   In April 1945 two development companies, working separately yet in concert as merchant builders, commenced construction with one builder developing Dominion Hills. The builders used repetition of form, style, materials, and setting to create a cohesive suburb. As result, unlike many neighborhoods in Arlington County that display a variety of architectural styles from different periods of construction, Dominion Hills exhibits a singular architectural style with only a handful of models of minimal variation.
   Dominion Hills demonstrates the merchant builders’ principles of mass production, standardization, and large-scale development that is infrequent in Arlington County yet is reflective of post-war development in the U.S. The neighborhood is one of only three merchant-builder neighborhoods in the county.