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Bryan McDonald House, Botetourt Co.

Constructed in 1766, the Bryan McDonald Jr. House is associated with one of the early families to settle in Botetourt County, where many who settled were of Scottish descent including the McDonald family. The McDonald House is one of only two 18th-century stone houses recorded in Botetourt County (the other one, Mulberry Bottom, was built circa 1786). Moreover, the McDonald House is the earliest known extant building in DHR’s 27-county western region. The house is unique as well for incorporating sandstone (seen on the right side of house in the left top photo) into its construction along with the more commonly used limestone. A brick addition was added to the house around 1840.
   Today’s house sits on 5.9 acres, which is substantially less than its original acreage, however, the house still retains the feeling of its original setting within the landscape.