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O.H.P. Tanner House, Mecklenburg Co.:

The Tanner House is an example of late-18th- and early-19th-century Georgian architecture. The site’s period of significance begins circa 1769, the year of the original construction as determined by dendrochronology, continues through circa 1820 when the gambrel roof and interior woodwork were installed, and ends in circa 1923 when a small kitchen addition was built. The Tanner House displays unaltered architectural craftsmanship in an excellent state of preservation.
   The house was relocated in 2006 from its original site to a similar one on a farm 1.8 miles away, where it continues to front on Old St. Tammany Road, historically a main thoroughfare that linked rural communities to the Roanoke River and centers of commerce and government. The relocation was essential to preserving the house, which was isolated, abandoned and virtually inaccessible. The house has a high degree of integrity, retaining historic exterior and interior woodwork including beaded weatherboard, windows, doors, mantels, trim, and flooring, as well as most plaster, and paint finishes. The fieldstone foundation and chimneys were painstaking reconstructed.