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West Broad Street Industrial and Commercial Historic District (WBSIC-HD), Richmond:

The years between 1902 and 1960, the period of significance for the WBSIC-HD, witnessed industrial and commercial development in this area. The district capitalized on the rail and road infrastructure, the availability of land, and annexations by the City of Richmond in 1906 and 1912 that brought municipal services to the area. Initial industrial development, including the Putney Shoe Factory and C.F. Sauer, depended on rail access, while a subsequent wave of commercial development that followed during the early 20th century focused primarily on automobile traffic along West Broad Street.
   The district's development represents a transition from an era in which industrial and commercial undertakings were located either in downtown Richmond or in Manchester (adjacent to rail lines) to a post-1960 era dominated by cars and motorized transportation, leading to the rapid westward suburban expansion of Richmond. This expansion eventually caused the decline of the industrial and commercial businesses in the WBSIC-Historic District, as Richmondís population moved west and took its business elsewhere.