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F. D. Crockett,
Middlesex County

Built in 1924, and based on log canoe construction, this log hull deck boat consists of nine original logs of yellow pine likely cut in Poquoson. It is the only large log deck boat still in existence in Virginia that was built specifically for an internal combustion engine. (Its logs average in length 55-to-60 feet.)   
    Alexander Gaines, one of the last traditional log boat builders in the Middlesex County area, built the F. D. Crockett during a period when watermen on the Chesapeake Bay were turning away from sail to engine-powered boats of plank and frame construction. Even so, traditional log-built boats were sturdier than the plank-and-frame ones of the time, and could better withstand storms and heavy seas.
   Representative of the Tidewater region’s tradition of log boat construction, which extends back to the dugout canoes Virginia Indians built, the F. D. Crockett is now owned by the Deltaville Maritime Museum, where it is on display.

Within one month after the F. D. Crockett was listed on the VLR, the Deltaville Maritime Museum suffered a terrible fire on July 18, 2012. Although the museum and the F. D. Crockett exhibit space were destroyed, the boat was in the water and survived the fire. To learn more, visit the museum website