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Galemont, Fauquier County
Galemont is a 237-acre farm located on the western approach to Thoroughfare Gap, the mountain pass through which a colonial-era road extended west toward Winchester by the mid-1700s. The house, which dates to the late 1700s, evolved with expansions in 1857, 1872, and between 1887-1904, resulting in a unique combination Federal/Greek Revival and Folk Victorian stylistic elements. With its strategic location along the Thoroughfare Gap road, Galemont was witness during the Civil War to the 1862 Battle of Thoroughfare Gap.
   Today traces of the colonial-era road are still visible on the property. And other important archaeological resources include the remains of the home of farmer James Gunnell, who purchased the farm in 1817, the stone foundation of an ice house, and the remains of the mid-19th-century Broad Run Train Depot.

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