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Georgetown Pike, Fairfax & Arlington Counties

Georgetown Pike was constructed between 1813 and 1827 by two privately organized and subscribed turnpike companies (Georgetown & Leesburg Turnpike Co., and Falls Bridge Turnpike Co.) to connect Georgetown markets with agricultural and manufacturing interests in Leesburg and beyond. As with other federal- or state-sanctioned road projects of the era such as the National Road (1808-1850) or the Little River Turnpike (1802-11) in Fairfax County, Georgetown Pike’s construction met the best engineering standards of its day. It utilized two layers of stones fitted closely together and crowned in the center to improve drainage and wear, resulting in 18 inches of broken stone at the center and 12 inches on the sides. Deep drainage ditches were provided at either side of the road. In the 1920s, Georgetown Pike was adapted as a toll road for automobiles and operated by the Washington, Great Falls & Dranesville Highway Company; in 1934 the Commonwealth of Virginia acquired it.