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Lovettsville Historic District,
Loudoun County

This historic district comprises Lovettsville’s core and several settlement-era cemeteries and a church on its perimeter. Settled by German immigrants in the late 1700s, the Lovettsville community was home to farmers, merchants, and craftsmen whose slave-holding was limited. It was one of only a handful of Virginia communities that strongly opposed secession and supported the Union at the onset of the Civil War.
   With its location on a main route between Leesburg and a strategic Potomac River crossing just 2.5 miles distant, Lovettsville found itself in the path of Union and Confederate forces often during the war.
   Today’s historic district contains varied architectural and cultural resources such as an 18th-century burial ground with German stones, more than a dozen pre-Civil War residences and buildings, and a large number of late-19th- and 20th-century commercial structures and dwellings, as well as a landmark African-American church and burial ground.