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North Court, University of Richmond.

Richmond College opened its classrooms to women in 1898. Significantly, a 1906 decision to broaden educational offerings for women inspired its president, Frederic W. Boatwright, and others to secure a new location for both Richmond College and a separate women’s school, Westhampton College. Located in the heart of the UR campus, North Court, completed in 1913, was the main building for Westhampton College, offering educational opportunities to women in an era when colleges primarily catered to men. Like Ryland Hall, North Court was designed by Ralph Adams Cram in the Collegiate Gothic style, which gained national popularity at such campuses as West Point, Princeton University, and Case Western Reserve University. Enclosing a courtyard, North Court has a large wing extending from one corner of the building. Its exterior walls are composed of brick with slate tiles covering its multiple gabled roofs. Cast and molded concrete embellishments are used extensively throughout the building, which also features a parapet and projecting pediments. Originally North Court housed all the spaces needed for a self-contained women’s college including a dormitory, dining room, kitchen, administrative offices, reading room, chapel, and classrooms.