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Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, Charlottesville.

Constructed in 1939, the Charlottesville Coca-Cola Bottling Works is one of the city’s largest and most prominent examples of Art Deco architecture. Designed by Washington D.C. architect Doran S. Platt, the building’s front highlights the company’s signature logo, set above a recessed entrance. Large windows would have flooded the building's interior with light, inviting passersby to view the bottling machines and work environment, underscoring the company’s desire to promote a clean, safe product. The company used the building as a bottling plant until 1973, and then as a distribution center until it closed in 2010. The building is being repurposed, using historic rehabilitation tax credits, by Indoor Biotechnologies Inc. to house offices and laboratories. The company, specializing in immunodiagnostics and biotechnology, is expected to bring about 180 well-paying jobs to the area and attract other biotech start-ups when it opens in 2013.