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Stoner-Keller House and Mill, Shenandoah Co.

Located in the village of Fisherís Hill, the Stoner-Keller House and Mill offers a well-preserved example of a mill complex, a once-vital industry in Shenandoah County. The Stoner-Keller House (also called the Abraham Stoner House) was constructed in 1844, as the residence of Abraham, a grandson of Frederick Stoner, the millís original builder and operator. Of the countyís six existing gristmills, Stoner-Keller is the oldest. It was used continuously from 1772 until 1958. The mill retains its large circa-1895 steel overshot water wheel and early mill stones. The 2.5-acre property also has a one-story barn and a two-story tenant house, both constructed around 1880, and the trace of a 1772 tailrace.