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Foster Falls furnace workers are pictured here. In 1890, the American Iron and Steel Institute described the Fosters Falls Mining and Manufacturing Company as, "One stack, 35 x 8, built in 1881; open top; cold blast; water-power; ore, local hematite; product, car-wheel pig iron; annual capacity, 2,500 tons. Brand 'Foster's Falls'." (Undated photo, courtesy of Chuck Vaughan. On the original photo's backside it states: "On top, and from left to right Crig Melton[,] James Mahone, Jim Lovell and Payton Keith. At [b]ottom and from left to right Byram Crockett, Robert Midkiff[,] John Vaughan[,] Jack Pawley[,] Bob Nelson and Will Vaughan & Fred Mahone. At the tank is engine 166 there in service on the mountain run. But later burned up in a fire that destroyed the engine house.")