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The Dream's Next Phase:

LCPS under the direction of Al and Robin Jenkins continues to push forward with its dream to house a museum in the chapel focusing on local black history. Meanwhile, educational outreach continues. The donated pews seen here were acquired by LCPS from a circa-1869 Brethren church in the area that was no longer in use. They exactly matched the imprint of the original pews seen on the wall in an earlier slide.
In the background is the circa-1900 apse. Extending in front of the apse opening prior to renovation were traces on the floor boards of a former dais. The lamp sconces on the apse walls are not original but are positioned where there were remnants of metal brackets probably associated with earlier sconces. The addition of the apse roughly coincides with Zenda’s peak population and may reflect the need for more space in the church by the turn of the 20th century.