Pamplin Pipe Factory, Appomattox Co., Slideshow

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Home Industry &
 Factory Relations.

The home industry was present in Pamplin before the factory was established and continued after the factory ceased production.
   The home pipemakers and the factory owners were not competitors or rivals, as the factory did not sell pipes to general store owners as in the case of the home producers.
   The factory and the home pipemakers shared or at least used the same pipe molds often, including the molds for the Hamburg (pictured in earlier slides), Hayiti (top), Wigwam Shaker (bottom), and Powhatan-style pipes (pictured with reed stems, center).
   Of the 39 pipe forms identified by scholars Henry and Jean Hamilton in the early 1970s, ten were used in home and 19 in factory production, and eight were common to both industries.