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Scrabble School    
Scrabble School, Rappahannock Co. 
One of four Rosenwalds constructed in Rappahannock Co., the two-teacher plan Scrabble School was the first, built in 1921. Designated as the "Woodville School" in the Fisk University Archives (the best source for Rosenwald Fund documents), the local community called it "Scrabble School" for the surrounding hamlet.  The building is characterized by a large array of six-over-six windows. Natural lighting featured prominently in Rosenwald school plans because many of the buildings, especially in rural areas, lacked electricity.

Scrabble School was abandoned in 1968 after the county’s schools were finally integrated. The building sat vacant for the next 40 years, slowly consumed by the surrounding vegetation, as indicated in the 2006 photo above. The historic images are circa 1940s.

(2006 photo: J. Hallock, Arcadia Preservation. Historic photos: Courtesy of Rappahannock Co. Historical Society.)