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The Spencer Home.

Here at 1313 Pierce Street, Anne and Edward raised their family of two daughters, Bethel and Alroy, and one son, Chauncey (pictured  bottom photo, far right). Their gracious hospitality and beautiful home and garden became a salon for many black intellectuals and leaders. W.E. DuBois frequently visited as well as poets James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes, and Sterling A. Brown; other notable guests included Martin Luther King Jr., opera singer Marion Anderson, agricultural innovator George Washington Carver, and writers H.L. Menken, and Countee Cullen.
   The Spencers also offered safe respite for African-American travelers passing through Lynchburg during an era when they were barred from "whites only" hotels and motels. 

The Spencers with guests in the garden durng 1930s (top) and Chauncy Spencer
(far right) with friends in the 1910s.