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References: See this document (PDF) for the sources used for each slide.

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the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of Rebellion (ORN). (


About the Author: Taft Kiser is an archaeologist with Cultural Resources, Inc. He has contributed regularly to Notes on Virginia since 2006. This slide show expands a two-page gallery about Trent's Reach that Kiser created for Notes on Virginia, 2009/2010, No. 53. Kiser can be reached at (Photo: R. E. Cree)

The author thanks Robert Krick for pointing out the enigmatic chunk on Wilton. Also, thanks to Drury Wellford and the Museum of the Confederacy for aid above and beyond, including `“The Blowing Up of the James River Fleet” and “The Rebel Iron-clad Fleet.” Special thanks to DHR's Randy Jones for his work in developing this presentation.

This work is built upon the scholarship of Richard Lee Bland, John Coski, William Frassanito, Dan Mouer, John Quarstein and William Trout.

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