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DHR Staff Directory by Division & Program

The Commonwealth of Virginia State Employee Directory

Staff members are listed below according to their respective division, office, or program affiliations.  See an alphabetical staff listing with phone numbers.

Director’s Office
Julie Langan, DHR Director & State Historic Preservation Officer

Stephanie Williams, Deputy Director
Jen Pullen, Executive Assistant / Register Program Coordinator
Antoinette Carter, Office Manager & Receptionist
Linda Kirk, Receptionist

Public Relations
Randall Jones, Public Information Officer
Vlad Udachin, Webmaster Assistant

Administrative Services Division

Geri Hayes, Director

Sharon Erdt, Finance & Grants Manager
Madrika Martin, Procurement Officer
Wendy Baker, Human Resource Manager
Muriel Taylor, Accounting Specialist

Certified Local Government, Aubrey Von Lindern
Federal and Non-state Grants, Sharon Erdt

Community Services Division
David Edwards, Director

Certified Local Government Program
Aubrey Von Lindern, CLG coordinator

Regional Offices
Eastern Region Preservation Office (Richmond)
Marc WagnerArchitectural Historian
Michael ClemArchaeologist
Elizabeth Lipford, Preservation Specialist

Northern Region Preservation Office (Stephens City)
David Edwards, Director, Community Services Division
Aubrey Von Lindern, Architectural Historian
Bob Jolley, Archaeologist

Western Region Preservation Office (Roanoke College, Salem)
Tom Klatka, Archaeologist
Michael Pulice, Architectural Historian

Preservation Incentives Division
Elizabeth Tune, Director

Rehabilitation Tax Credit 
Summer Louthan, Architectural Historian, Tax Credit Reviewer
Chris Novelli, Tax Credit Specialist, Cell Tower Reviewer
Jessica Ugarte, Architectural Historian, Tax Credit Reviewer
Carolyn Zemanian, Architectural Historian, Tax Credit Reviewer

Joanna Wilson Green, Archaeologist, Easement & Archaeology Stewardship
Brad McDonald, Easement Stewardship Coordinator
Megan Melinat, Historical Architect, Easement Program Architect
Wendy Musumeci, Easement Program Coordinator
Karri Richardson, Easement Program Assistant

State Archaeology Division
Elizabeth Moore, State Archaeologist

Laura Galke, Chief Curator
Katherine Ridgway, Conservator
Chelsea Blake, Conservator
Leslie Straub, Conservation Lab Technician


Survey & Register Division
Jim Hare, Director

Quatro Hubbard, Archivist
Dominic Bascone, GIS Specialist
Jolene L. U. Smith, Historic Resources Data Coordinator
Lauren Leake, Archives Coordinator

Historical Highway Marker Program
Jennifer R. Loux, Marker Program Historian & Manager
Matt Gottlieb, Research Assistant

Register Program
Lena Sweeten McDonald, Register Historian
Blake McDonald, Manager of Architectural Survey & Cost Share Grant Program
Caitlin Sylvester, ESHPF Grant Project Coordinator
Austin Walker, DHR Graduate Intern


Review & Compliance Division
Roger Kirchen, Director, Division of Review and Compliance

Marc Holma, Project Review Architectural Historian
Adrienne Birge-Wilson, Project Review Architectural Historian
Laura Lavernia, Project Review Architectural Historian
Samantha Henderson, Project Review Archaeologist
Jenny Bellville-Marrion, Project Review Archaeologist

Updated April 27, 2020