Dallas Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Dallas Ware exhibits mussel shell temper with cord-marked or plain surface treatments. Chronology: The ware probably dates to the period of post 1300 CE. Distribution: Dallas Ware was identified […]

Connestee Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Connestee Ware is a Middle Woodland fine-sandtempered ceramics with simple-stamped, cord, brushed, plain, and checked-stamped surface treatments, and occasional flat-based tetrapodal supports. Chronology: The accepted range for the […]

Candy Creek Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Candy Creek Ware, dating to the Middle Woodland period, is an undecorated, cord-marked ceramic with limestone temper. Chronology: The accepted date for Candy Creek Ware is within the […]

Bluff Creek Simple Stamped

Period: Middle Woodland See also: Wright Check Stamped | Mulberry Creek Plain Ware | Defining Attributes: Wright Check Stamped, Bluff Creek Simple Stamped, and Mulberry Creek Plain are considered for this discussion types of the same […]