Nomini Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Nomini Ware, dating from 700 to 900 CE, consists of two types, Nomini Cord Marked and Nomini Fabric Impressed. The undecorated vessels were probably large, conical, with […]

Keyser Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Keyser is a Late Woodland ware, characterized by shell temper, a cord-marked exterior, a notched lip, and a wide mouthed globular body and rounded base. Variations include […]

Mockley Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Mockley is a Middle Woodland ware, characterized by crushed shelltempering and net-impressed or cord-marked exterior surfaces, a clayey texture, and medium to large vessels. Chronology: Stratigraphic sequences and […]

Moyaone Ware

Period: European Contact Defining Attributes: Moyaone is a Late Woodland to European Contact ware, characterized by compact paste, fine grained sand temper, soft texture, and smoothed interior and exterior surfaces. Defined types […]

Elk Island Ware

Period: Early Woodland Defining Attributes: Elk Island Ware is an Early Woodland very friable and fragile ware with a large proportion of inclusive fine sand. The surface treatments are plain, cord, and […]

Grayson Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Grayson is a late Middle Woodland to early Late Woodland sandy-paste ware usually tempered with crushed quartz. Surface treatments are commonly net, cord, and fabric. Chronology: One radiometric […]

Hercules Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Hercules Ware is an undecorated late Middle Woodland pottery with contorted paste, tempered with large pieces of crushed quartz, granite, or gneiss with mainly a wicker-fabric-impressed surface […]

Hyco Ware

Period: Early Woodland Defining Attributes: Hyco Ware is an Early Woodland fine sandtempered pottery with plain, cord, and fabric surface treatments. The rim forms a straight wall with the body and the […]

Dallas Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Dallas Ware exhibits mussel shell temper with cord-marked or plain surface treatments. Chronology: The ware probably dates to the period of post 1300 CE. Distribution: Dallas Ware was identified […]

Dan River Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: The temper of Dan River Ware is a distinctive mix of medium to coarse sand and occasional pieces of crushed quartz of small to medium size. Therefore […]