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Helmet and Helmet Parts from DHR Collections

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Few complete helmets have been recovered archaeologically in Virginia.
 Several of the cabasset type that
were commonly worn by infantrymen in the 17th century exist in the collections of  Jamestown Island (NPS),

Jamestown Rediscovery
,  and those of Jamestown

The example shown here is a 
burgonet and is the only helmet in the DHR collections.  The
a light, open-faced helmet with large, hinged cheekpieces. 

of these three cheekpieces belonged to a different burgonet and each was
recovered from a different site of the Jordan’s Journey group, an early-17th-century
settlement, near
Hopewell in Prince George County.  

44PG300/1E-69   Burgonet


recovered from 44PG300  in the spring of 1989.  It was smashed slightly and in
very bad condition.  Extensive conservation was required in order
to stabilize it and recover its shape.  The cheekpieces are
missing from this example.

44PG302/EU1050-5   Cheekpiece 1446    

Cheekpiece with
brass rivets from 44PG302

44PG307/48-181  Cheekpiece 2033

recovered from  44PG307.

44PG332/1B-2  Cheekpiece 1380

recovered from  44PG332.

Updated May 27, 2017