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Easement Policies

Property owners who now have an easement agreement with DHR or those considering one should become familiar with these Easement Policies:

All Policies: #1 through #11  (Revised December 2016)

Policy #1: Mission, Purpose, and Legal Authority of Easement Program

Policy #2: Acceptance of Easements (Revised December 2016)

DHR received an easement on the Claughton-Wright House and  5.34 acres of land in January 2009. Located on Wright’s Cove, a tributary of Glebe Creek, the Claughton-Wright House is a diminutive house style once common in the Tidewater landscape. Nearly all such small, well-built dwellings of prosperous but unpretentious planters have either disappeared or have been engulfed in later enlargements. The house was constructed in 1787 by William Claughton, owner of some 422 acres and an officer in the local militia. A striking feature is the massive brick chimney with its glazed-header Flemish bond and tiled weatherings.

Policy #3: Monitoring and Inspections of Easement Properties

Policy #4: Documentation of Easement Properties

Policy #5: Review of Applications for Work on Easement Properties (includes examples of "major" versus "minor" alterations) (Revised Sept. 2015)

Policy #6: Easement Amendments

Policy #7: Violations (Revised Sept. 2013)

Policy #8: Easement Program Recordkeeping (Revised March 2016)

Policy #9: Easement Requirements (Revised March 2011)

Policy #10: Easement Comprehensive Plan Compliance (Adopted Sept. 2010)

Policy #11: Appraisals (Revised Dec. 2014)

Updated: 1.3.17