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(MPD) Multiple Property Document

(MPD) Multiple Property Document - Historic Registers, Listings

African American Heritage Resources of Alexandria MPD, 100-5015

African-American Cemeteries in Petersburg, Virginia, 1818-1942 MPD, 123-5031

Apartment Bungalow & California-type Houses of Arlington County MPD, 000-9712

Army of Potomac Winter Encampment, Culpeper & Fauquier Counties, 1863-1864 MPD, 023-5052

Properties Associated with Campaigns for the Control of Navigation on the Lower Potomac River, 1861-1862; Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, 076-5312

Boundary Markers of the Original District of Columbia MPD, 000-0022

Charlottesville, Virginia, Multiple Resource Area, 104-0075

Civil War Era National Cemeteries (MPD), 000-9705

The Civil War in Virginia, 1861-1865, Historic & Archaeological Resources (MPD), 076-5168

Civil War Properties in Prince William County MPD, 076-5161

Civilian Conservation Corps Parks in Virginia, MPD (CCC State Parks), 134-5088

Construction of the Washington Aqueduct, 029-5198

Covered Bridges NHL Context Study (MPD), 003-5085

Diners of Virginia MPD, 151-5508

Dismal Swamp Canal & Associated Development, Southeast VA & Northeast NC MPD, 131-5336

Federal Housing Administration-Insured Garden Apartments, Richmond 1942-1950 MPD, 127-6191

Garden Apartments, Apartment Houses, and Apartment Complexes in Arlington County MPD, 000-8825

Historic Gas Stations of Roanoke MPD, 128-6361

Historic Residential Suburbs in the United States, 1830-1960 MPD, 000-5000

Light Stations of the United States MPD, 114-5250