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Norfolk Auto Row Historic District, 2018 Boundary Increase, #122-5797

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122-5797 Norfolk Auto Row Historic District, 2018 Boundary Increase


boundary increase for the previously-listed Norfolk Auto Row Historic District captures four buildings that extend the district’s historic continuity into the post-WW II era and the 1960s. The buildings reflect mid-20th century construction that offered office space in downtown Norfolk’s expanding commercial corridor for an urban population increasingly reliant on automobiles, a trend nationwide. The 2018 boundary increase showcases two good examples of intact Commercial and International styles of architecture of the post-war era. The boundary expansion’s oldest building dates to 1953, and the increased boundary pushes forward the period of significance for the entire district to 1969, when the Duke-Grace Building was completed. The original district, listed in 2014, contains, among the more prevalent low-rise commercial structures, notable examples of Art Deco, International Style, and Moderne buildings such as the Virginian-Pilot newspaper headquarters, the former Golden Triangle Hotel, the former Center Theater and Auditorium (now the Harrison Opera House), and the purpose-built headquarters of WTKR television station.

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Updated September 20, 2018