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Woodlawn School Historic District, Carroll Co., #017-5160



The Woodlawn School, one of Carroll County’s largest and longest-operating educational institutions, served all grades for most of its history, shaping many generations of county youth. The 21-acre campus saw construction of the county’s first public high school completed in 1908, later incorporated into successive additions. The school added a home economics cottage for classes beginning in 1916 and an agricultural building behind the school for the state’s first vocational agriculture courses in 1917, part of a federal agricultural education program. Modern Movement building additions to the 1908 two-story, classically-inspired brick school in 1937, 1953, 1962, and 1974 accommodated changing educational curricula and population growth. An agriculture department offered instruction in farm administration, crop cultivation, fertilization, erosion control, livestock care, and building maintenance and construction—topics all critically important in a rural county with a farming economy. Woodland School’s agricultural curriculum resulted in higher farm yields in Carroll County, as well as crop diversification, and substantial investment in dairy and beef production. The home economics department equipped young women with household management skills. The availability of a wide range of academic and vocational courses boosted enrollment and graduation rates as the 20th-century progressed. Woodlawn School operated as the largest of Carroll County’s four intermediate campuses until 2013, when the school closed.

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Updated September 20, 2018