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Norfolk (Eastern Region)

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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Allmand-Archer House  122-0001 Go    
American Cigar Company 122-0658 Go    
Attucks Theatre  122-0074 Go    
Auslew Gallery  122-0078 Go    
Ballentine Place Historic District   122-0829 Go Go  
Berkley North Historic District   122-0824 Go Go  
Boush-Tazewell House  122-0002 Go    
Chesterfield Heights Historic District   122-1201 Go Go  
Christ and St. Luke's Church  122-0075 Go    
Colonial Place Historic District   122-0825 Go Go  
Customs House  122-0032 Go    
Downtown Norfolk Historic District  122-0265 Go Go 2001 Boundary Increase
Elmwood Cemetery 122-0116 Go    
Epworth United Methodist Church  122-0178 Go    
First Baptist Church  122-0040 Go    
First Calvary Baptist Church  122-0073 Go    
Fort Norfolk  122-0007 Go    
Freemason Street Baptist Church  122-0008 Go    
Ghent Historic District  122-0061 Go Go  
Huntington Tugboat  122-5002 Go    
James Blair Junior High School  122-0474 Go    
Jamestown Exposition Site Buildings  122-0054 Go    
Kenmure  122-0016 Go    
Lafayette Grammar and High School  122-0043 Go    
Lafayette Residence Park Historic District  122-0826 Go Go  
Lambert's Point Knitting Mill 122-0934 Go    
MacArthur Memorial  122-0019 Go    
Monticello Arcade  122-0066 Go    
Myers, Moses House 122-0017 (NR 1970) Go   2009 Amendment
Norfolk Academy 122-0018 Go
Norfolk Auto Row Historic District 122-5797 Go Go  
Norfolk Azalea Gardens 122-1007 Go    
Norfolk & Western Railroad Historic District 122-5799 Go Go  
North Ghent Historic District 122-0827 Go Go  
Old Norfolk City Hall  122-0082 Go    
Park Place Historic District 122-5087 Go Go  
Poplar Hall  122-0045 Go    
Queen Street Baptist Church 122-0165 Go    
Riverview Historic District 122-0823 Go Go  
Seaboard Air Line Railway Building 122-0060-0210 Go    
Security Storage & Safe Deposit Company Warehouse 122-0901 Go    
St. John's African Church  122--0211 Go    
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  122-1036 Go    
St. Mary's Church  122-0024 Go    
St. Paul's Church  122-0025 Go    
St. Peter's Church  122-0047 Go    
Southern Bagging Company  122-0993 Go    
Talbot Hall  122-0030 Go Go  
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse  122-0058 Go    
USS Sequoia   122-5415 Go    
USS Wisconsin 122-5415 Go    
Virginia Ice & Freezinq Corp. Cold Storaqe Warehouse  122-5423 Go    
Wells Theatre  122-0067 Go    
West Freemason St. Historic District  122-0060 Go Go  
West Point Cemetery  122-5181 Go
Whittle House  122-0021 Go    
Williamston-Woodland Historic District 122-5795 Go Go
Willoughby-Baylor House  122-0033 Go    
Winona Historic District   122-0828 Go Go  
Zion Methodist Church  122-0110 Go    
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