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Richmond (Eastern Region)

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Agecroft  127-0223 Go
Almshouse  127-0353 (1981) Go   1990 Boundary Increase
American Can Company  127-0299 Go    
Armitage Manufacturing Company 127-6693 Go    
Atlantic Motor Company  127-6163 Go    
Barret, William House  127-0029 Go    
Barton Heights Cemeteries  127-5679 Go    
Barton Heights (Town of) Historic District 127-0816 Go Go  
Battery Court Historic District 127-5897 Go Go  
Beers House  127-0356 Go
Belgian Building 127-0173 Go    
Bell Tower  127-0121 Go    
Belle Isle  127-0455 Go Go  
Blues Armory 127-0278 Go    
Boulevard Historic District 127-0398 Go Go
2015 Additional Documentation
2015 Update (Photos)
2015 Maps of District

Boyd House 127-6167 Go    
Branch House  127-0246 Go    
Branch Building  127-0196 Go    
Broad St. Commercial H.D. & Expansions 127-0375 Go Go 2004 Boundary Increase
2007 Boundary Increase
Broad Street Station  127-0226 Go    
Brook Road Marker  127-6150-0008 Go    
Brookland Park Historic District  127-5898 Go Go  
Bryan, Joseph Park  127-5677 Go Go  
Byrd Park Court Historic District 127-6755 Go Go  
Byrd Theatre  127-0287 Go    
Byrd, William Park 127-6067 Go Go  
Cabell, Henry Coalter House  127-0225 Go    
Carillon Neighborhood Historic District 127-6756 Go Go  
Carillon, Virginia War Memorial  127-0387 Go
Carver Industrial Historic District  127-5812 Go Go  
Carver Residential Historic District  127-0822 Go  Go 2006 Boundary Increase
Cary Street Park and Shop Center  127-0438 Go    
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart  127-0137 Go    
Centenary Church  127-0321 Go    
Central National Bank 127-0309 Go    
Chamberlayne Gardens  127-6182 Go    
The Chesapeake Warehouses 127-6720 Go    
Chesterman Place  127-0607 Go
Chestnut Hill/Plateau H.D.  127-0343 Go Go  
Church Hill North Historic District  127-0820 Go Go 2000 Boundary Increase
Church of the Sacred Heart  127-0676 Go    
City Hall, Old  127-0003 Go    
Columbia (Philip Haxall House)  127-0045 Go    
Commonwealth Club Historic District  127-0373 Go Go  
Confederate Memorial Chapel  127-0224 Go    
Crenshaw House 127-0228-0029 Go    (Slideshow
Crozet House  127-0047 Go    
Customs House  127-0170 Go    
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Decatur Davis House  127-0177 Go    
Department of Public Utilities Howard Rd.  127-6184 Go    
Donnan-Asher Iron Front Building  127-0163 Go    
Duplex Envelope Company  127-5811 Go    
East Franklin Street (0-100 Block) H.D.  127-0317 Go Go  
Egyptian Building  127-0087 Go    
Elliot Gray Highway Marker  127-6150-0002 Go    
English Village  127-0374 Go    
Fairmount Historic District  127-0814 Go Go  
Fairmount School 127-0308 Go    
Falling Creek UDC Jefferson Davis
Highway Marker 127-6150-0003
Fan Area Historic District 127-0248 Go Go 1985 Nomination
(without inventory)
Nomination Part I
Nomination Part II
2011Nomination Update
Fan Area Historic District Extension  127-0397 Go Go  
Fifth and Main Downtown Historic District  127-6071 Go Go 2012 Expansion
First National Bank Building  127-0381 Go    
Forest Hill Historic District 127-6069 Go Go  
Forest Hill Park  127-6027 Go Go  
Fourth Baptist Church  127-0318 Go    
Fraternal Order of Eagles Building 127-5885 Go    
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Ginter Park Historic District  127-0201 Go Go  
Ginter Park Terrace Historic District  127-5678 Go Go  
Glasgow House  127-0056 Go    
Governor's Mansion  127-0057 Go    
Grace Hospital   127-5459 Go    
Grace Street Commercial Historic District  127-0857
Go Go 2009 Boundary Increase
Green's Farm (Huntley) 127-6141 Go    
Grove Avenue (2900 Block) H.D. 127-0238 Go Go  
Hancock-Wirt-Caskie House  127-0042 Go   2008 Additional Documentation
Hebrew Cemetery  127-6166 Go    
Hermitage Road Historic District  127-6076 Go Go  
Hermitage Road Warehouse Historic District 127-6730 Go    
Highland Park Plaza Historic District  127-0831 Go Go  
Highland Park Public School  127-0355 Go    
Holly Lawn  127-0055 Go    
Hollywood Cemetery  127-0221 Go    
Home for Needy Confederate Women  127-0380 Go    
Hotel William Byrd  127-0466 Go
Hunt-Sitterding House   127-0202-0001 Go    
Jackson Ward Historic District  127-0237 (1976) Go Go Additional Documentation 2002 2015
Boundary Increase 2005
Boundary Increase 2008
Map: 2009 Expansion
Map: NHL District
James River and Kanawha Canal H.D.  127-0171 Go Go
Jefferson Davis Highway Maury Marker  127-5833 Go    
Jefferson Hotel  127-0001 Go    
Jerman Residence  127-6736 Go Go  
John B. Cary School  127-0824 Go    
John Rolfe Apartments 127-6513 Go    
Kent-Valentine House  127-0112 Go    
Kent Village Apartments 127-6514 Go    
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Laburnum Park Historic District 127-5895 (2002) Go Go 2006 Amendment
Laurel Meadow 127-0304 Go    
Lee Monument  127-0181 Go    
Leigh Street Armory 127-5676 Go    
Leigh Street Baptist Church  127-0011 Go    
Linden Row  127-0022 Go    
Lock Lane Apartments  127-6170 Go    
Loew's Theatre (Carpenter Center)  127-0324 Go
Main Street Banking Historic District (2005) 127-6031 Go Go (2013 Boundary Increase)
Main Street Station  127-0172 Go
Manchester Courthouse  127-5010 Go
Manchester Industrial Historic District  127-0457 (2000) Go Go 2004 Boundary Increase
2011 Boundary Increase
Manchester Residential & Comm. H.D. 127-0859 (2002; with 2005 and 2016 amendments) Go Go 2006 Boundary Increase
Marshall, John House  127-0073 Go    
Mason's Hall  127-0019 Go    
Masonic Temple  127-0296 Go
Maymont  127-0182 Go    
Mayo Memorial Church House  127-0075 Go    
Memorial Hospital, Charlotte Williams  127-0395 Go    
Monroe, James Tomb  127-0221-0080 (1971) Go   1997 Final Nomination VLR
Monroe Park Historic District  127-0383 Go Go  
Monroe Ward Historic District  127-5816 Go Go  
Monument Avenue H.D. 127-0174 (1969) Go Go 1989 Expansion
1997 NHL Nomination
Monumental Church  127-0012 Go    
Moore's Auto Body and Paint Shop  127-0834 Go    
Morson's Row  127-0079 Go    
Nathaniel Bacon School  127-0833 Go    
National Theatre   127-0178 Go    
Ninth Street Office Building 127-0180 Go    
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Oakwood Chimborazo Historic District  127-0821 Go Go  
Old First African Baptist Church  127-0167 Go    
Old First Baptist Church  127-0168 Go    
Oregon Hill Historic District  127-0362 Go Go  
Pace-King House  127-0229 Go    
Pine Camp Tuberculosis Hospital  127-0829 Go    
Planters National Bank  127-0150 Go    
Poe Museum (Old Stone House)  127-0100 Go    
Pump House  127-0193 Go    
Putney Houses  127-0085 Go    
Randolph School  127-0388 Go    
Reveille  127-0310 Go    
Rice House  127-5810 Go
Richmond Academy of Medicine  127-0250 Go    
Richmond & Ches. Bay Railway Car Barn 127-6171 Go    
Robinson House 127-0741 Go
Richmond Locomotive & Machine Works  127-6188 Go    
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Saint Alban's Hall  127-0130 Go    
Saint Andrew's Church Complex  127-0314 Go    
Saint Catherine's School  127-5886 Go    
Saint Christopher's School  127-5995 Go    
Saint John's Church  127-0013 (1961) Go   1966 NRHP Nomination
Saint John's Church Historic District 127-0192 (1970) Go Go 1991 Amendment
Saint Luke Building  127-0352 Go    
Saint Paul's Episcopal Church  127-0014 Go    
Saint Peter's Roman Catholic Church  127-0015 Go    
St. Sophia, Little Sisters of the Poor Home  127-0319 Go    
Saint Stephen's Church  127-0346 Go    
Second Presbyterian Church  127-0016 Go    
Scott House  127-0228-0001 Go    
Scott's Addition Historic District  127-6136 Go Go  
Sheltering Arms Hospital  127-0017 Go    
Shockoe Hill Cemetery 127-0389 Go    
Shockoe Slip Historic District 127-0219 (1972) Go Go 1983 Boundary Increase
2005 Boundary Increase
2012 Boundary Increase (Photos)
Shockoe Valley & Tobacco Row H.D.  127-0344 (1981) Go Go 2008 Amendment
2015 NRHP update
Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church  127-0472 Go    
Southern Biscuit Co. 127-6165 Go    
Southern Stove Works  127-6145 Go    
Southern Stove Works, Manchester  127-6193 Go    
Springfield School  127-0832 Go
Springhill Historic District 127-6180 Go Go 2016 NRHP Update
Steamer Company No. 5  127-0370 Go    
Stearns Block  127-0023 Go    
Stewart-Lee House  127-0064 Go    
Stonewall Jackson School  127-0376 Go    
Taylor Farm  127-0677 Go
Third Street Bethel A.M.E. Church  127-0274 Go    
Thomas Jefferson High School  127-0431 Go    
Three Chopt Road Historic District 127-6064 Go    
Tobacco Warehouses in Richmond 127-6722      
Todd's Ham Building  127-5978 Go    
Tredegar Iron Works (1976 NHL Nomination) 127-0186 Go    
Trinity Methodist Church  127-0401 Go    
Tuckahoe Apartments  127-5820 Go
Union Hill Historic District  127-0815 (2002) Go Go 2008 Amendment
Union Theological Seminary  127-0316 Go    
United Daughters of the Confederacy  127-0398-0054 Go    
University of Richmond, History & Architecture of, 1834-1977 (Multiple Property Document) 127-0364 Go Go  
University of Richmond, Cannon Chapel 127-0364-0009 Go    
University of Richmond, North Court 127-0364-0003 Go    
University of Richmond, Ryland Hall 127-0364-0001 Go    
Virginia (The Virginia)  127-0215 Go    
Virginia Department of Highways Building  127-0844 Go    
Virginia House  127-0255 Go    
Virginia Mutual Building  127-0249 Go    
Virginia State Capitol  127-0002
(1966 NHL Nomination)
Go   2005 Additional Documentation
Virginia State Library/ Oliver Hill Building  127-6048 Go    
Virginia State Library (Old) 127-0188 Go    
Virginia Union University  127-0354 Go    
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Walker, Maggie High School  127-0414 Go    
Walker, Maggie House  127-0275 Go    
Washington Equestrian Statue  127-6084 Go    
Weisiger-Carroll House  127-0850 Go    
West Broad Street Commercial H.D.  127-5807 Go    
West Broad Street Industrial and Commercial H.D. 127-6570 Go    
West Franklin Street Historic District   127-0228 (1972) Go Go 2009 Boundary Increase
West Franklin Street (200 Block) H.D.   127-0281 (1977) Go Go 1994 Boundary Increase
West of Boulevard Historic District   127-0742 Go Go  
WestBourne  127-5822 Go    
White House of the Confederacy  127-0115 Go    
Whitworth, John House  127-0248-0001 Go    
Wicker Apartments 127-6794 Go    
Wickham-Leigh House  127-0065 Go    
Wickham-Valentine House  127-0020 Go    
Wilton  127-0141 Go    
Winston House  127-0222 Go    
Women's Club (Haxall, Bolling House) 127-0033 Go    
Woodland Heights Historic District 127-0830 Go Go  
Woodward House  127-0119 Go    
YWCA  127-0300 Go    
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