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Augusta County (Northern/Shenandoah Valley Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Augusta County Training School  007-0755 Go    
Augusta Military Academy 007-0241 Go    
Augusta Stone Church  007-0004 Go    
Bare House and Mill  007-0834 Go    
Bethel Green  007-0126 Go    
Chapel Hill  007-0012 Go
Clover Mount  007-0606 Go    
Coiner House 007-0224 Go    
Craigsville Grammar School  007-1146 Go    
Crimona Elementary School  007-0964 Go    
Deerfield School  007-1154 Go    
Estaline Schoolhouse  007-0524 Go    
Folly 007-0015 Go    
Glebe Burying Ground  007-1150 Go    
Glebe Schoolhouse  007-0706 Go    
Hanger Mill  007-1211 Go   2012 Boundary Increase
Hannah Miller House  007-0269 Go    
Harnsberger Octagonal Barn  007-0037 Go    
Harper House  007-0233 Go    
Henry Miller House  007-0070 Go    
Henry Mish Barn  007-0122 Go    
Intervale  007-0018 Go    
James Alexander House  007-0604 Go    
Lewis Shuey House  007-0700 Go    
Long Glade Farm 007-0276 Go    
Maple Front Farm 007-5050 Go    
Middlebrook Historic District  007-0236 Go Go  
Middlebrook Schools 007-0686 Go    
Miller-Hemp House  007-0638 Go    
Moffett's Creek Schoolhouse  007-0547 Go    
Mount Airy 007-1021 Go    
Mount Meridian Schoolhouse  007-0996 Go
Mount Pleasant  007-0024 Go   Update 2007
Mount Torry Furnace 007-0871 Go    
Mount Sidney Historic District  007-1300 Go Go  
Mount Sidney School  007-1155 Go    
Mount Zion Schoolhouse  007-1165 Go    
New Hope High School  007-1087 Go    
North River High School  007-1153 Go    
Old Providence Stone Church  007-0025 Go    
Paine Run Rockshelter 007-1147      
Paine Run Rockshelter, Site Near 007-1148
Sugar Loaf Farm  007-0032 Go    
Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church  007-0033 Go    
Valley Railroad Stone Bridge  007-0041 Go    
Verona School  007-1299 Go    
Walker's Creek Schoolhouse  007-0539 Go    
West View Schoolhouse  007-0426 Go    
Weyer's Cave Elementary School  007-1156 Go    
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