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Clarke County (Northern Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Annefield  021-0002 Go    
Bear's Den Rural Historic District   021-5010 Go Go  
Berryville Historic District 168-0012 Go Go  
Bethel Memorial Church  021-0035 Go    
Blandy Experimental Farm  021-0550 Go    
Boyce Historic District   172-0001 Go Go  
Carter Hall  021-0012 Go    
Chapel Hill 021-0014 Go    
Chapel Rural Historic District 021-5025 Go Go  
Cool Spring Battlefield 021-0976 Go   Additional Documentation (2014)
Clermont 021-0019 Go    
Fairfield 021-0029 Go    
Farnley 021-0030 Go    
Glendale Farm 021-0034 Go    
Greenway Court  021-0028 Go    
Greenway Rural Historic District 021-0963 Go Go Boundary Increase 1997
Boundary Increase 2007
Guilford 021-0039 Go    
Huntingdon 021-0188 Go    
Josephine City Historic District 168-5029 Go Go  
Josephine City School 168-5027 Go    
Long Branch  021-0095 Go    
Long Marsh Run Rural Historic Dist. 021-0967 Go Go  
Lucky Hit  021-0045 Go    
Meadea  021-0018 Go    
Millwood Colored School  021-0192-0008 Go    
Millwood Commercial Historic District 021-5009 Go Go  
Millwood Mill  021-0023 Go    
Norwood  021-0057 Go    
Old Chapel  021-0058 Go    
Old Clarke County Courthouse 168-0001 Go    
River House  021-0064 Go    
Saratoga  021-0070 Go    
Scaleby 021-0086 Go    
Soldiers Rest  021-0073 Go    
Smithfield 021-0349 Go    
Tuleyries  021-0082 Go    
Wickliffe Church  021-0089 Go    
White Post Historic District 021-0066 Go Go  
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