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Generally, delisting (or the removal) of properties from National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register results when the historic qualities that justified listing a resource have been significantly altered or entirely destroyed.

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County or City Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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A - F
Accomack Co.  Corbin Hall 001-0007 Go
Albemarle Co. Enniscorthy 002-0028 Go
Amherst Co. Athlone 005-0119 Go
Botetourt Co. Botetourt County Courthouse 218-0005 Go
  Springwood Truss Bridge 011-0103 Go
Brunswick Co. Bentfield 012-0072 Go
Buchanan Co. Whitewood High School 013-5215  
Campbell Co. Mansion Truss Bridge 015-0218 Go
Charles City Co. The Rowe 018-0020 Go
Chesterfield Co. Richmond View 020-0122 Go
Culpeper Co. Brandy Station Battlefield Historic District 023-0053 Go
Fairfax Co. Moorefield 153-0004 Go
G - P
Greensville Co. Spring Hill 040-0017 Go
Hampton Roseland Manor 114-0003 Go
Harrisonburg Morrison House 115-0006 Go
Loudoun Co. Exeter 253-5019 Go
Lynchburg Hayes Hall 118-0059 Go
Mecklenburg Co. Moss Tobacco Factory 192-0013 Go
Montgomery Co. Bridge over Roanoke River 060-0394 Go
  Harrison-Hancock Building 154-0029 Go
  Murdock Farm 060-0547 Go
  White Sulphur Spring Cottage 154-0008 Go
Nelson Co. Midway Mill 062-0023 Go
Norfolk Christ Church 122-0004 Go
  John T. West School 122-1004 Go
Northampton Co. Caserta 065-0051 Go
  Somers House 065-0023 Go
  Westover 065-0038 Go
Page Co. Fort Rodes 069-0018 Go
Petersburg Bowers House 123-0052 Go
Portsmouth Crawford House Hotel 124-0026 Go
Pittsylvania Co. Oak Hill 071-0026 Go
Prince William Co. Bristoe Battlefield Historic District 076-0024 Go
Pulaski Co. Harvey House 077-0049 Go
Q - Z
Richmond Manchester Cotton & Wool Manufacturing 127-0783 Go
  Maupin-Maury House 127-0074 Go
  Scott-Clarke House 127-0093 Go
Richmond Co. Bladensfield 079-0002 Go
Roanoke First Baptist Church 128-0037 Go
Smyth Co. Preston House 086-0006 Go
Virginia Beach Bayville Farm 134-0002 Go
  Whitehurst House 134-0246 Go
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