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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Bowman Distillery  029-5014 Go  
Bloomfield (Holly Knoll) 029-0016 Go    
Camp A.A. Humphreys Station  029-0096 Go  
Clifton Historic District  194-0003 Go Go  
Colvin Run Mill  029-0008 Go  
Cornwell Farm  029-0009 Go  
D.C. Workhouse/Reformatory H.D. 029-0947 Go   2012 Amended Nomination
Dranesville Tavern  029-0011 Go  
Fairfax Arms  029-0043 Go  
Floris Historic District 029-5179 Go Go  
Fort Belvoir Historic District  029-0209 Go Go  
Fort Hunt 029-0103 Go    
Four Stairs   029-0106 Go  
Freeman Store 153-0002 Go    
Frying Pan Baptist Church  029-0015 Go  
Georgetown Pike 029-0466 Go    
George Washington's Grist Mill   029-0330 Go  
George Washington Memorial Parkway  029-0228* Go  
Great Falls Grange Hall   029-0441 Go
Great Falls Park (Historic District) 029-5639 Go    
Green Spring   029-0025 Go  
Gunnell's Run  029-0109 Go   Adjacent Properties
Gunston Hall  029-0050 Go  
John Gunnell House   029-5525 Go
Herndon Depot  235-0001 Go
Herndon Historic District   235-0003 Go Go  
Hollin Hills Historic District 029-5471 Go Go 2015 NRHP Update
Holmes Run Acres Historic District  029-5183 Go Go  
Hope Park Mill & Miller's House  029-0064 Go  
Huntley  029-0117 Go  
Langley Fork Historic District   029-0214 Go Go  
Lexington 029-5612      
Manassas Gap Railroad Independent Line  029-5013 Go  
Merrybrook  029-0245 Go  
Mount Vernon  029-0054 Go  
Mount Vernon Memorial Highway  029-0228* Go  
Oak Hill   029-0028 Go  
Oakton Trolley Station  029-0477 Go  
Pohick Episcopal Church  029-0046 Go  
Pope-Leighey House  029-0058 Go  
Potomac Canal 029-0211 (NRHP, 1979) Go   Potomack Canal Historic District 029-0211 (NHL, 1982)
Salona  029-0034 Go  
Silverbrook  029-5018 Go  
Spring Hill Farm  029-0035 Go  
St. Mary's Church  029-0169 Go  
Sully Plantation  029-0037 Go  
Sydenstricker School 029-0154 Go    
Tauxemont Historic District  029- 5199 Go Go  
Thermo-Con House  029-5001 Go  
Tower House 029-0151 Go  
U.S. Army Package Power Reactor  029-0193 Go  
Vale School-Community House 029-5615 Go  
Washington Aqueduct  029-5198     1973 NRHP
Woodlawn  029-0056 Go   1998 NHL
2011 Boundary Increase
Woodlawn Quaker Meetinghouse 029-0172 Go  
*These properties have individual nominations and are also listed in the MPD (Multiple Property Document) Parkways of the National Capital Region 1913-1965, 029-5524. 
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