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Gloucester County (Eastern Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Abingdon Church  036-0001 Go    
Abingdon Glebe House  036-0002 Go    
Airville  036-0003 Go    
Burgh Westra  036-0010 Go    
Cappahosic House   036-0011 Go    
Fairfield Site 036-0061 Go
Gloucester County Courthouse Square H.D.
Go Go  
Gloucester Downtown Historic District 036-5106 Go Go  
Gloucester Point Archaeological Historic District
Gloucester Women's Club  036-0031 (1974) Go   2013 Update: Gloucester Women's Club  036-0031  /
2013 Photos
Hockley 036-0024 Go    
Holy Knoll/ R.R. Moton House  036-0134 Go    
Kempsville  036-0015 Go    
Kenwood 036-0121 Go    
Lands End  036-0028 Go    
Little England  036-0030 Go    
Lowland Cottage  036-0032 Go    
Quest End  036-5047 Go    
Roaring Springs  036-0040 Go    
Rosewell 036-0041 Go    
Shelly Archaeological District 036-0073      
Timberneck  036-0074 Go    
Toddsbury  036-0045 Go    
Walker, T.C., House 036-5053 Go    
Walter Reed Birthplace  036-0080 Go  
2015 Boundary Increase


Ware Neck Store & P.O. 036-5016 Go    
Ware Parish Church  036-0048 Go    
White Hall Plantation  036-0051 Go    
Woodville School   036-5045 Go    
Zion Poplars Baptist Church  036-5001 Go    
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