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Rockbridge County (Western Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Boxerwood 081-7144 Go    
Brownsburg Historic District  081-0121 Go Go  
Buffalo Forge  081-0003 Go    
Cedar Hill Church and Cemeteries  081-5466 Go    
Chapel Hill 081-0521 Go    
Church Hill  081-0065 Go    
Clifton  081-0288 Go    
Echols Farm  081-5012 Go    
Falling Spring Presbyterian Manse  081-0013 Go    
Fancy Hill  081-0015 Go    
Glasgow Historic District  223-0003 Go Go Boundary Increase (Photos)
Glenwood Furnace  081-0104 Go    
Goshen Land Company Bridge  226-5001 Go    
Haines Chapel and Cemetery 081-7102 Go    
Hamilton Schoolhouse  081-0021 Go    
Hays Creek Mill  081-0159 Go    
Hickory Hill   081-0022 Go    
Kennedy-Lunsford Farm  081-0032 Go   1998 Boundary Increase
Kennedy-Wade Mill Historic District  081-0033 Go Go  
Level Loop  081-0034 Go    
Locust Hill  081-0179 Go    
McCormick Farm and Workshop  081-0073 Go    
Mackey, William House  081-0039 Go    
Maple Hall  081-0041 Go    
Marlbrook  081-0009 Go    
Moore, John House  081-0028 Go    
Mountain View Farm  081-0171 Go    
Mulberry Grove  081-0044 Go    
Natural Bridge  081-0415 Go   1998 NHL Nomination
Natural Bridge Historic District  081-7147 Go Go  
New Providence Presbyterian Church  081-0046 Go    
Poague, Margaret E. House  081-7070 Go    
Rockbridge Alum Springs H.D. 081-0086 Go Go  
Rockbridge Inn  081-0399 Go    
Springdale  081-0180 Go    
Stone House  081-0168 Go    
Sunnyside  081-7066 Go    
Tankersley Tavern  081-0201 Go    
Thorn Hill  081-0084 Go    
Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church  081-0066 Go    
Vineyard Hill  081-0071 Go    
Vine Forest  081-0207 Go    
Virginia Manor  081-0295 Go    
Willson House 081-0183 Go    
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