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Helpful Documents & Tutorials:

Setting up your V-CRIS Account [pdf] : Guides users in choosing how many licenses and seats to obtain, how to add individual users to the system, and the costs associated with different account structures.

Architecture Data Entry Basics [pdf] explains the V-CRIS workflow including how to obtain a DHR identification number for a new property and how to update an existing record at the reconnaissance and intensive level. Information about recording historic districts is also included.

Additional Information: Architecture Data Entry

Archaeology Data Entry Basics [pdf]: This unit provides brief instruction about the V-CRIS workflow, how to obtain a new DHR site number, and how to update an archaeological record with new survey information.

How to Upload GIS Shapefile Data to V-CRIS [pdf] explains how users can directly add mapping created with external GIS software when creating or editing a site or property.

Policies & Guidelines

VCRIS Accounts, Licensing, and Fees [pdf]

VCRIS Complimentary Account Guidelines [pdf]

VCRIS Terms and Conditions [pdf]

Please note: Full, indexed help documentation is available inside the V-CRIS application.

Techical Support

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Updated: 5.14.2017