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The pond (top) prior to restoration and during restoration (bottom).
Shaun Spencer Hester, a granddaughter of Anne, and Jane White test the newly restored fountain.
Restoration: The Pond.

The pond, originally constructed by Edward Spencer, was severely deteriorated by the time the Hillside Garden Club began its second-stage restorations beginning in 2008 (and after funding and a competent restoration firm were in place). Its underground water lines fed the fountain's center “shower head” and a cast iron African head that Anne dubbed “Prince Ebo,” a gift to the Spencers from W. E. DuBois. The burgundy colored squares on the pond's raised edge had been scored into the concrete to represent Italian tiles, which Anne knew to be fashionable. The walkway to the pond terminated at a large, curved concrete bench that offered a gathering place for friends or rest and contemplation.