The Anne Spencer Garden, Lynchburg, Slideshow

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Restoration: The Arbor.

The garden's grape arbor and wisteria pergola were built as early as the 1910s and lasted at least until 1941. Their massive turned posts were recycled by Edward from an unknown source, and he used the posts as well to support Edankraal's front porch.
   The 2011 restoration of the arbor and pergola was based on early images such as this one, which also happens to be the last known photograph in which the original arbor appears.
   As the image reveals, the arbor supported vigorous grape vines. When grapes were purchased in 1983 to adorn a prior arbor interpretation, Concord and Niagara varieties were planted, knowing they were early types frequently grown in Central Virginia. Later, when Spencer's poem “Grapes: Still Life” was discovered, its lines referencing “purpling Concord” and “green-white Niagara” confirmed that these were appropriate choices for the arbor.


Chauncey Spencer's wife, Anne (known as Anne Spencer
"Junior") stands before the grape arbor, circa 1941.